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American Tackle Shop
Bass Pro Shops Online - Bass Pro's online catalog
L.L. Bean - Outdoors shopping catalog
Bite Me Bait & Tackle - Hofmann's Lures are the best all-around lures made and sold on the net by Bite Me Bait & Tackle. These spoons will take all types of fish from pan to trophy.
Castaic Lure Company - unique, real looking fishing lures, designed to catch the largest fish.
Yakima Bait Co. - Maker of Worden's Rooster Tail, FlatFish, Spin-N-Glo, Lil' Corky, Poe's, Triple Teazer and a variety of others.
Dick Nite Spoons Fishing Tackle - manufacturer of Thin Bladed Spoons and Paints for Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing.
DOA Lures - soft plastic baits resembling shrimp, crab, and other baitfish immitation.
Don Iovino Products - finesse fishing tackle. Special worms, lures, jigs, hooks, and instructional videos to assist you in catching bass.
Happy Hookers - hi-tech tournament catfishing tackle.
Montana Tackle Co
Northland Fishing Tackle - producing quality fishing tackle for panfish, perch, trout, bass, walleye, lake trout, pike, and muskie, includes catalog and fishing tips booklet.
Surface Storm Fishing Lures - specialist in flexi fishing lures for Bass, Striper, Northern Pike and Musky.
Venom Lures - manufacturer of glass rattles and unique plastics, such as Super Do's, Trigger Liz, Flat Rats, Salty Chunks, and Tubes.
Woehrles Wholesale Bait and Supplies - current prices for live fishing bait and a link to request a catalog.
Mister Twister - The Mister Twister online catalog of fishing lures.
Mepp's Lures - Browse their home page.  You'll find all of thier lures and discover 'what's new.'  You can download tips and tactics, learn how to become a Mepp's Master Angler and more!

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